Everything You Need To Know About The Problem Of PCOD

PCOD/PCOS is a very common problem today among most girls. This is a problem that normally occurs because of today’s lifestyle. PCOD is a problem that should be cured without ignorance. A problem in which one can feel too shy to share. More care and a healthy lifestyle is the best precaution to fight this disease.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome / polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD) is a hormonal problem that occurs in women. Due to today’s modern lifestyle, this problem has increased greatly. Due to this more than millions of women are affected by the PCOD problem. Due to which more than millions of women are suffering from PCOD problem
Poly Cystic Overy Disorder; Nowadays women are walking step by step with men. They are balancing both at home and outside, but in such a situation they forget to take care of their body. By not paying attention to themselves, many diseases have started taking their place in their body – PCOD (PCOD in Hindi) is one of those diseases. Due to lack of time and excess of work, nowadays girls and women are unable to pay proper attention to their food and drink and become a victim of diseases.

What is PCOD?

The problem of PCOD i.e. Polycystic Ovary Disorder (PCOD) is usually due to hormonal imbalance in women. In this, the level of male hormone androgen increases in the female body, and cysts are formed on the ovary. In general, both “male” and “female” hormones are required for the proper functioning of all body processes in humans, but the amount of male hormones increases much more than normal in a woman with PCOD. Due to this, the problem of ovulation starts and at the same time, there may be problems of irregular periods.

Symptoms of PCOD

Symptoms of PCOD
Hair growth in unwanted places – Due to excess of male hormone androgen in women, there can be a lot of changes in the body such as
excess hair growth on the face and parts of the body. It may cause unwanted hairs to grow on the face or chin, breasts, abdomen, or in places such as the thumb and toes.
Weight gain – Women struggle with weight gain due to PCOD or have difficulty in losing weight. Pimples or oily skin – Pimple and oily skin problems can occur due to hormonal changes.
Trouble sleeping – Trouble sleeping and feeling tired all the time. Also, there may be a headache problem due to the change in the hormone.
Trouble getting pregnant – PCOD is one of the leading causes of infertility.
Irregular Periods– Irregular periods or you can say excessive blood loss.
5 to 10% of women between 15 and 44 years old, or during those years when they may have children, suffer from PCOD. Most women in their 20s and 30s know that they have PCOD when they have some kind of problem getting pregnant and they see a doctor. However, PCOS can occur at any age after puberty. PCOD can be a woman of all races and ethnicities. If you are obese and your mother, sister, or aunt have PCOD problems, you may also be more at risk of having PCOD.

PCOS Diet Chart

PCOD Diet Chart
Stop smoking– smoking and alcohol consumption.
Salmon fish – By consuming this fish, the body gets omega 3 fatty acids which are low inside the Glycaemic Index. The intake of salmon fish is also helpful in keeping the level of androgen hormone normal in women with hearts.
Lettuce – It is well known that green leafy vegetables have nutritional value. Insulin resistance is a common cause of PCOS, so make sure to include salad leaves in your diet.
Sweet potato – If you are fond of eating sweets, then eat foods with a low Glycemic Index.
Egg –  eggs contain very nutritious ingredients. But remove the yellow part of it and consume it because it contains high cholesterol. Which causes damage to the heart.
Whatever the disease may be, we should first meet and talk to the doctor and then proceed to follow any kind of treatment. The same thing needs to be kept in mind here. If you are a patient of polycystic ovarian disorder and want to treat it through home remedies, then definitely meet the doctor, seek their opinion, and then use these home remedies without any problems.


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