Manic Depression- A Mental Illness

It is a type of mental illness in which the mind is either very sad or extremely happy for several weeks or months in a row. In sadness, negative thoughts and high thoughts come in the mind. About one in 100 people get this disease at some point in their life. The disease often starts between 14 years and 19 years. Both men and women are affected equally by this disease. This disease rarely starts after 40 years.
So far it has not been clearly explained what causes depression, but it is believed that many things have an important role in it.
Many important stages of life, such as the death of a close, the loss of job or marriage, usually lead to depression.

Forms of illness

Bipolar one: – In this type of disease, at least once in the patient, there is a period of excessive speed, excessive energy, excessive excitement, and high talk. This type of fast lasts for about 3-6 months. Even if untreated, the patient can recover on its own. Another form of this type of disease can come in the form of sadness at any time. It is called depression when sadness lasts for more than two consecutive weeks.
Bipolar two: – In this type of disease, the patient has the effect of depression. Occasionally, a slight spurt may occur.
Rapid Cyclic: – In this type of disease, the patient suffers from depression or mania (fast) at least four times a year.
There is a short answer to this – it can happen to anyone.
In addition, some genetic changes in chromosome 3 can also cause depression. About four percent of the people are affected by this.
 Role of drugs Anti-depressants affect the way the chemical works in the brain. But what is the role of these chemicals in depression is
not fully understood and anti-depressants do not work for everyone. Depression also worsens the way neurotransmitters work in the brain. These are chemical messengers that facilitate contact between neurons, i.e. brain cells.
People also have depression due to some medical reasons, one of which is low activation of the thyroid. Depression can also occur in the side effects of some medicines. These include some medicines used to reduce blood pressure.


There are two main aspects to the treatment of this disease:
Keep the mind of the patient as normal. Preventing manic and sadness caused to the patient by treatment. Tricyclic antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors are chronic anti-depressants and are not commonly used because they also contain side effects.
Antidepressants affect the way the chemical works in the brain. But what is the role of these chemicals in depression is not fully understood and antidepressants do not work for everyone.
Many effective medicines are available to keep the mind normal. This medicine type is called “mood-stabilizing” medicine. In this, the drug called “Lithium” is quite effective and beneficial. Many things should be kept in mind while using this medicine. For example, the
patient should have his blood checked regularly. If the patient sweats in summer, then water should be used more.


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