How to Create, Remove and Delete Samsung Account?


 Signing up for a free Samsung account enables you to access several significant capacities. You can create a Samsung account during the installation process on your phone. Go to the Samsung Account site in any browser and select Create Account.

The Easy process to create an account on your Samsung phone, go to Settings > Cloud along with accounts > Accounts > Add account > Samsung account >Create account.

Create a Samsung Account

1. From the Phone Home screen, open Apps, and Tap Settings.

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2. Tap on Cloud and Accounts.

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3. Scroll and Tap online accounts.

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4. Tap on Add Account.

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5. Tap on Samsung Account.

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6. Tap on Create Account.
Notice:- To create your Samsung account you need to already have a current email (such as Gmail, Yahoo mail or other Mail ) account. If You do not have an existing email account then create your email account first and then only you may create a Samsung account.

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7. Enter email, password, password, Select date of arrival, give First name & Last name, and tap on Next.

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8. Agree to all conditions, Privacy Policy, Terms and terms and tap Agree.

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After that process, your Samsung account will be created successfully.

How to Remove a Samsung Account?

Removing a Samsung account is different than permanently deleting your account. After you remove a Samsung account it’s temporary; you can constantly Add it back later.

1. From Settings, swipe to and tap Accounts and copy.

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2. Tap Manage accounts and then select your Samsung account.

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3. Tap Remove account, then tap Remove account about the popup.

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4. Tap Remove account and then tap OK.

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How to Delete Samsung account?

Deleting your Samsung account will also delete your Samsung credit history, content subscriptions, content uploads, and personal profile data.

This information cannot be retrieved, so be certain you need to delete your account before you continue.

1. Go to the Samsung Account page in an Internet browser.

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2. Log in using your ID and password and then choose My Account info.

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3. Click on the Profile card and then click Samsung Account settings.

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4. Click Delete account, examine the steps, then follow the on-screen prompts to complete deleting it.

samsung account Delete - Newstrends

What Can You Do With Your Samsung Account?

Using a busy Samsung Account, you are able to do all of the following and more:

  • Find your phone.
  • Eraselock, and unlock your phone remotely.
  • Use exclusive apps for your phone, for example, Samsung Purchase, Bixby, Samsung Health, and Samsung Pass (biometrics).
  • Back up your data and photograph gallery.
  • Once you create a Samsung account, enjoy all of the Samsung providers without needing to create or register using any additional accounts.

Samsung Account Key Features

Setting up a Samsung account will enable several features for your phone along with extra features for appropriate TVs, Samsung Gear, computers, along with also Much more.


This is one of the very useful characteristics of your Samsung account. Find My Mobile allows you to register your own phone to locate it if it has lost. When tracking your missing phone, liberally lock it, make the phone ring (if you think it is dropped but nearby), and even set a number that requires to your lost mobile can be plotted.


If you are someone who takes a million photos and never recalls to get them to a computer, do not stress. Samsung Cloud automatically backs
Things up every so often. Set up your device to sync:

  • Calendar events and tasks
  • Contacts, email addresses, and business cards
  • Pictures, videos, and tales
  • Predictive text data
  • Voice memos, images, and jobs
  • Reminders
  • Bookmarks saved pages, and open tabs in Samsung Internet
  • Samsung Pass sign-in Details
  • Scrapbooks, pictures, screenshots, and web addresses
  • S Note activity mode, favorites, and class

Samsung Health

Samsung Health works as your hub for health. In addition to assisting you in keeping track of workouts and water consumption, it may also sync with conducting Apps to place all of the info you need in one place. There’s a lot going on within this app, but the goal is to place you in charge of your health.


Samsung’s PENUP program is truly a social network for artists who prefer to share their work with others. Use your S-Pen to draw Incredible works of art directly on your phone.


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