Along With Calming The Mind, This Yoga Also Takes Care Of Your Health

While doing yoga, we have to do some asanas and sometimes have to take deep breaths. These actions activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which causes our body and mind to relax. During yoga, tension starts to go away from the body while muscles start to relax.
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The activation of the parasympathetic neural system helps the endorphins to be released, also known as hearty hormones. Breathing and exhaling in the practice of yoga and pranayama helps a lot to keep stress and anxiety away.
The true essence of yoga revolves around elevating our life force or in awakening the ‘Kundalini’ located near the spine. It has to be
achieved through a series of physical and mental exercises. At the physical level, this method involves various yoga postures or ‘asanas’, whose main purpose is to keep the body healthy. Mental techniques include respiratory exercises or ‘pranayama’ and meditation or ‘meditation’ to discipline the mind.

Raised trikonasana

Raised trigonasana-News Trends
Stretching is included along with the twist in this asana. Elevated trigonosa not only helps in opening the spine but also in removing
anxiety. To do this, stand upright. Make a gap in the legs. Now try to keep the left hand very straight while keeping the right hand on the ground. Wait 30 seconds in this state. Continue to try with the right hand also.


Dhanurasan-News Trends
This asana helps to extend not only the shoulder but also the chest, and neck muscles. It strengthens the muscles of the lower abdomen and the back and the core strength of the body is helpful in making Strong.


Dhanurasa-News Trends
This asana helps in developing core strength in the body. Its practice may seem easy at first glance. But with regular breathing and
exhalation, it is necessary to keep the spine straight.


Embalming Shavasana is one of the best yogas to be used to overcome anxiety and depression. Shavasana gives tremendous rest to not only the body but also the mind. Hard workouts usually include stretching, twisting, contracting, and earthing of muscles.
After such yogasana, rest is very important to recharge the body. After any kind of high-intensity workout or yoga, one should definitely
practice Shavasana. Just 5-10 minutes of practicing Shavasana gives energy to the entire body. A lot of neuromuscular information reaches the nervous system of the body through yoga. Lie straight to do it. Keep a little gap between the legs. Spread both hands as well. The head should be exactly towards them ceiling.


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