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Detox Drinks: Lose Weight with These Drinks

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If you are a fitness lover and want to lose weight then you can start some detox drinks which are helpful to achieve your goal. As you are not aware that detox drinks easily facilitate proper digestion and a good digestive system. Detox drinks are the best key for weight loss and help flush out extra toxins from the body. It also helps in boosting the metabolism of the human body.

Detox Drinks

As you know weight loss and good metabolism helps in achieving your goal. You can easily lose weight with these detox drinks. Let’s discuss some of the best detox drinks which are responsible for good metabolism and weight loss. These drinks increase your metabolism and lose weight at some time. If you are not following any of the strict diets and with light food and a little bit of exercise with these detox drinks will also help you to achieve your target weight.

5 Detox Drinks

These are some of the best and effective drinks:-

Vetiver Water

Vetiver or khus khus is known for its wonderful cooling properties. Vetiver water is easy to make by boiling vetiver roots in the water. For better results, you have to drink this detox once a day after filtration. This detox water is very helpful in managing weight, gives relaxation to nerves, and best for skin and nerves. You can use vetiver water in a different manner also by extracting oil from vetiver roots. This detox has also antiseptic benefits and used on skin and hair.

Coriander Water

Coriander is responsible for stimulating digestive enzymes and juices which are known for enhancing digestive system. It has a good source of fibre and this drink has a good amount of minerals, potassium, iron, vitamins, and calcium, Vitamin A, K, and C. For making this detox you need to add one tablespoon of coriander seeds to water. Boil this mixture at medium temperature and keep it away for cooling. After the solution gets cool you have to filter that water and your healthy detox water drink is ready.

Cumin-Lemon Water

Cumin is responsible for burning calories and it also increases the level of metabolism and improves digestion. To prepare this detox soak cumin seeds all night and then boil that water along with that cumin seeds. After boiling drain out the seeds and drink that lukewarm water. You can also add a little bit of lemon juice into that water. Have this drink in the early morning.

Cinnamon Water with Honey

Having honey just before bedtime helps you to burn the maximum amount of calories. This mixture is having a good source of healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins. With this detox, you can easily manage your weight and helps you to lose visceral fat because honey contains essential hormones.

Fenugreek Water

Fenugreek has various sources like iron, minerals, vitamins, copper, and much more fire. This detox water also contains anti-oxidants. Fenugreek has so many health benefits also because of saponins and fibre in it. To prepare this detox you need to soak some fenugreek seeds and drink that water after soaking seeds in the early morning.

Weight Loss: Healthy Diet Vs Exercise

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Obesity, heart disease, blood pressure are common diseases today because of our unhealthy lifestyle. Our unhealthy lifestyle includes improper diet and a non-active body. Today obesity is a problem that is common on a large scale even in children. Today everyone wants to make his/her life simple and just because of this lot of people escape healthy diet and morning exercise.

Healthy Diet Vs Exercise

According to the study, one person should have to give 1 hour to himself. This is necessary to be fit and fine. If you are unable to give that precious 1 hour to your physical fitness it means you are wasting your day. It might be a misconception in half of the people is that to be fit and fine one should have to go to the gym but without going to the gym you can also perform basic workouts which keeps you active all day.

healthy diet

For losing weight diet and exercise both play a vital role in daily routine. For a healthy body 80 % depends on diet and the rest 20 depends on exercise. Let’s explore the benefits of both the necessary elements.

Some people seriously focus on diet for losing weight and some people consume a lot and do hardcore exercises on regular basis. But truly if you are a fitness lover person that you have to focus on both the elements. A healthy diet keeps you fit and regular exercise keeps your body active and refresh. Both the combination of diet and exercise makes a person healthy and wealthy for a longer time.

Both the elements have their important aspects for them you should have to know how you change yourself or encourage yourself to achieve goal.

Diet as an Exercise

In today’s era, people are so much busy and because of their busy schedule mostly people escape their meal. The reason to skip diet is the schedule. If you are not having enough time to take a proper diet so you also can not perform exercises. The regular diet you intake directly affects your health also. To maintain the fitness you need to add protein and carbs to your diet. A limited amount of calories is fine but you can maximize the amount of protein. To live a healthy life, do not skip your meal. While taking this type of meal you can also do less exercise.

Intake of Calories

Every food and drink items have calories. If you are doing exercises regularly then you should have to include all the proper substances in your diet you can avoid intake of sugar. Avoid extra calories food and try to substitute your food with essential substances like proteins and carbs. Every food has a number of calories but if you will add healthy components to your diet it will be healthier for you.

Basic Workouts

Try to do some amount of workout on a daily basis. It does not matter how much you do but you are doing it or not it matters. Managing a little bit of time for your workout is not a big issue for yourself because exercising is the best part if you are habitual to it. Your body and mind become active if you are giving some time to your body. A few home workouts will help you to be fit and fine. You can also take the help of social media where you are getting free home workout videos to be fit.

Best Skincare Tips During Winter

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Everyone wants clear and beautiful skin but in winter due to the dropping down of temperature, your skin may become dull and dry. Due to less moisture in the air, spending a lot of time with heater can cause dry and blasting skin which is impossible to avoid. Summer is the time which can be healthy for your skin but during winter the chance of becoming dull and dry skin is common for all.

skincare tips in winter

As we protest upon the reality of confronting winter snowstorm, it's very difficult to envision that this bone-chilling low the temperature might bring any medical advantages, however as per Ayurveda, winter is the season where there is natural insusceptibility help up. Chilly climate prompts diminished internal heat level, and the body goes through thermoregulation to change in accordance with a new atmosphere. 

If your age is 40 or older, this is the time in which your skin is considered Mature. The skin issues during winter on your skin are common. Not only skin gets affected but your overall health gets impacted because of the skin issues in winter. As you know winter is the coldest season in which your skin needs proper care including proper sleep, nutrition, exercise and fitness, and many more things that keep you energetic and active during winter.

You should include seasonal fruits and vegetables that are low in calories and having a rich amount of fiber is not only healthy for your skin but also best for your health.

healthy diet

Keeps your Skin Healthy




Collard greens

Brussels sprouts





Drink lots of Water

At the point when it's cold external we frequently neglect to drink enough water for the duration of the day, yet this is exactly when low dampness is destined to strip our helpless skin of its moisture. Indulging in warming winter teas, for example, regular ginger and lemon is a brilliant method to keep hydrated in winter - you will feel sound, hydrated and comfortable.

Choose Cleanser Carefully

There are so many cleansers available in the market of different brands that contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin because of containing harmful ingredients. Always choose a cream-based cleaner that will give moisture to your skin and keeps your skin

Use Natural Moisturizer

During winter always choose a natural moisturizer that keeps your skin glowing. Apply natural moisturizer or salve following washing to secure however much dampness as could be expected, and remember to incorporate your hands and your feet, the most dedicated pieces of your body!

Protect from elements During Winter

You need to care for your body with woolen clothes during winter as you know winter is a time which can damage your skin as compared to summer you don’t need to care extra into your skin. Out in the open, we may have the pocket fundamental lip analgesic to deal with dry, dried lips, however, we need more than that. The mix of low mugginess in addition to those solid, rankling winds can prompt awkwardly dry skin, so make sure to wrap up. A scarf and gloves are best during winter to protect your hands and the fragile skin on your neck.

How to Lose Double Chin?

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Everybody in this world wants to look beautiful, smart, and gorgeous. To maintain beauty some will prefer a proper diet, exercise, and good fashionable clothes. But sometimes some minor things disappoint you.  Today everyone is using smartphones and taking selfies and capturing moments is a trend today. Some will get the perfect angle for the picture and some will not. Everybody wants to look nice especially in the picture and the thing most of the time disappoint is the problem of having a double chin.

lose double chin

There are a lot of exercises to reduce belly fat, arms fat, thigh fat but some people have curious to know about how to reduce double chin? In the problem of double chin, your neck and chin contains the amount of fat which is a major problem and shameful moment most of the time if you want a perfect face angle to look beautiful.

Why Double Chin Happen?

Most of the time muscles from the lower jaw to collar bone becomes inactive and start storing fat in that area. This results in a double chin which is a major issue and that may destroy our face angle. Especially girls may face this problem and this is a shameful moment most of the time. Because of this double chin, you may start looking fatty and ugly.

The solution to getting Rid of Double Chin

solution for double chin

There are so many ways through which you can easily reduce double chin. There are some specific exercises that are easy to do to cure this problem. You can easily lose double chin with these simple exercises which you can perform anytime at home. No need to go gym for that, no need to follow a specific diet.

Exercises to Lose Double Chin

Practicing With Pout

Pouting is the best way to reduce the fat on the chin. Today pouting is a trend and the best pose for selfies and fun photographs. Now you can reduce double chin with this pose. By keeping your head straight pout for 3 to 5 seconds and then bend down your head towards the chin and move your lower lip out. Repeat this exercise at least 15 to 20 times to straighten your jaw and neck muscles.

Whistle into the wind

This is the funniest and effective exercise to lose a double chin. This is a very simple exercise. For this exercise, you need to look straight by keeping your head straight and whistle into the roof or to the wind at least for 10 to 15 seconds. Perform this fun exercise at least 15 times a day to get rid of a double chin.

Gum to the rescue

As you know chewing gum is effective to reduce chin fat and helpful in giving a chiseled jawline. The main thing is that you need to perform this exercise for some days and after that see the result. It will cause pain in your jaw but it is helpful in reducing double chin.

Shout OO-EE

This is also a funny and stupid activity that will surely reduce double chin. Loudly shouting OO-EE helps effectively in reducing chin fat and also will help in toning up the chin muscles. Continuously saying these words 20 to 25 times will reduce double chin within weeks.

Rolling Stones Logo Exercise

Again this is also a fun exercise. To do this exercise you need to take your tongue out and keep it on the end of your mouth. After 2 to 5 seconds switch to the other side and take your tongue out. While doing this exercise you may feel a grip on the neck. This will help you to tone up neck and chin muscles effectively.

The above exercises are easy and funny if you are curious to reduce double chin. No need to go anywhere, do these activities at your home anytime.

Variations of Squat to Maximize Leg Day Workout

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When you usually do fitness training or go to the gym Squats may be the most common exercise in the training booklet. Squats is a perfect exercise that comes under every strength training workout. This exercise does not require equipment’s or you can do this even in a small space. If you are doing squats in the right way that will build your muscles strong but if you are doing incorrectly you may face knee problems.



The squat is the perfect exercise for tone legs. It also helps people to tone quadriceps. It builds joints stronger and increases the strength of tissues as well. If you are doing squats regularly your legs and body become stronger and easily you can climb, bend and walk. Squats are come under high-intensity workout and perfect for the runners also.

Here are the different variations you might add into your daily routine:-

1-Wall Sit:-

This exercise is helpful in lengthens the spine and works on the leg muscles. To do this exercise properly you need to lean against the wall and keep the back aligned. You need to slowly bend the knees. This exercise works the hamstrings, calf muscles, and inner thigh. You need to balance your body and focus on balancing legs by maintaining equal bodyweight. This exercise is suitable for all fitness lover peoples. Perfect for all age groups.

2- Single Leg Squat:-

Single Leg Squat

Balance is the key in this exercise and single-leg squat needs focus. You need to work into abs, glutes, calves, and front hip flexors also. This exercise requires strength and balance. This is a single-leg exercise that isolates the muscles of the thigh. Perfect exercise for dancers, runners, and people who are facing knee problems. While doing this you need to straight your back. You need to way down without putting your hips down. You need to squeeze your butt and on the way, you have to get up.

3-Pistol Squat:-

Pistol Squat

In this exercise, you need to go down without letting the arch of your foot collapse. Pistol Squats helps in maintaining the overall balance of your body. It gives strength to your lower back and legs. Your ankle and joints become stronger by doing this exercise regularly.

4-Plie Squat:-

Plie Squat

Perfect exercise for warming up and toning your inner thigh muscles. The wider your legs, the deeper the squats, perfect for burning fat. You need to put your back straight. Plie Squat makes your thighs stronger and perfect for balancing body weight.

5-Side Kick Squat:-

Side Kick Squat

The perfect exercise to warm up. It burns your calories and makes your legs stronger. You need to bend your knees, lower the hips, take the weight into your heels and come back to the standing position. By putting your legs straight then lift your right leg out and squeeze the outer glute. This exercise is a complete weight management exercise that will keep your posture correct and burn the extra calories from your body.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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There are a lot of assumptions and many supplements are considered as the best weight loss tools for the person who wants to lose weight but apple cider vinegar is considered the powerful and effective tool which is helpful for the all age group of people who are curious to lose weight. Without having side effects apple cider vinegar or you can call it ACV is a popular tool to manage weight.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is also used for medicinal purpose because it is helpful in curing various types of diseases like cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and eczema. Many of the people drink Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning time with warm water which is known as the best weight loss solution but before going to bed it can be more beneficial for health because of having acidic juice.

Right Way to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

There are several ways of having ACV. You can mix ACV with Honey and Lemon. If you are taking ACV at night so taking it simply with warm water is the best way to take advantage of ACV. It protects you from many diseases and best to cure internal diseases.

Lose Weight with ACV


There are so many studies that prove that ACV is very much helpful in burning belly fat and reduce the cholesterol in your body. The acetic acid present in ACV is responsible for reducing fat storage and slows down digestion and increment the fat burning process from your body. Taking ACV in the concentrated form leads to tooth enamel erosion, nausea.

Reduce Blood Sugar Level

Reduce Blood Sugar

ACV is the best and perfect medicine for those who are suffering from diabetes for a longer time. Regular consumption of Apple Cider Vinegar is helpful in reducing blood sugar levels because of having fermented juice inside it which slows down the blood sugar level. ACV is helpful in increasing insulin sensitivity.

Prevents Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing in the morning time. Regular intake of ACV can prevent you from bad breath. Even people brush their teeth at night to cure this bad breath problem but regular intake of Acv is a simple and best solution because it kills bacteria and keeps healthy oral hygiene.

Cure Digestive Problem

Digestive Problem

Many people face digestion issues because of an unhealthy diet like heartburn and constipation issues but regular intake of ACV before going to bed can make your digestion perfect. This is the best home remedy for curing digestion problems.

Better Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep

Better Sound sleep is essential for people of all age groups. Most people nowadays have disturbed sleep at night. If you are not having better sound sleep you may face the problem of obesity and irritation. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar at night is essential for better sleep and because of that, you will feel fresh in the morning.

Three Major Mistakes Done By China in 2020

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Today the whole world is surviving with the Coronavirus and major harmful things happened this year. Almost Coronavirus is completing more than 1 year by causing major harm to everyone’s life. Being the Epicenter of Covid-19, China has to make major mistakes this year. In some countries, life is started becoming normal also and some of the countries are still facing many issues and increasing level of death rate because of Coronavirus.

Three Major Mistakes Done By China

Europe and the US are still facing struggle because of this Covid-19 and on the other hand, Beijing’s leadership skills are admirable in this difficult situation. There are so many good things happened in China also like wearing mask, proper sanitization. The Central bank opposed the compulsion to take the modest, zero-rate alternate way to help the economy, and is opening monetary business sectors. No big surprise eager for yield outsiders is purchasing Chinese resources at a record pace, notwithstanding furious complaints from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Yet, there's consistently space to improve. Come January, there will be a more balanced inhabitant of the White House, which will give China space to zero in on underlying changes. What's more, it's here I'd prefer to raise a few bandies with Beijing, on the grounds that for the thousand things it did well this year, it got three major things wrong.

Underestimating the K-Shaped Rebound

Only months into the pandemic, the world immediately understood the bunch ways Covid-19 was compounding pay imbalance. Gigantic innovation organizations and their representatives, who could telecommute, we're flush with money, while some of the regular workers facing facade organizations had to close. These applications compromised the recuperation of the lodging and cooking industry and the business of its laborers. The area, which didn't completely ricochet back until October, utilized upwards of 33 million individuals a year ago.

The K-formed bounce back shouldn't have come as amazement: The full-scale measurements gave a lot of prompts. Assembling bobbed back rapidly, while retail deals, a gauge of more extensive shopper certainty, slacked for quite a long time. Extravagance things were progressing admirably, with very good quality vehicles selling quick and any semblance of Chanel and Louis Vuitton raising costs.

Muzzling Billionaire Critics

Indeed, even as Americans overflowed the surveys to pick their new president, China focused on grabbing everyone's attention. On Nov. 3, it suspended the $35 billion public postings of very rich person Jack Ma's Ant Group Co. — only two days before the fintech's exchanging debut. The brilliant side of gridlock in Washington is a solid venture case for China: a more vulnerable dollar, which makes its money more appealing; a sovereign security yield differential at a record high; and an influx of terrain unicorns opening up to the world.

Mishandling Defaults

There's a tenacious insight that rules in China run on a double-track: Private-area finance managers get brought and dressed somewhere near government authorities at whatever point they go too far – as Jack Ma saw in November. Then, state-partnered substances can sit comfortably, with a lot of neighborhood assets at their order.

An appalling flood of defaults among state-claimed undertakings is just additional proof of this pattern. Squeezed by oversupply and waning overall revenues, SOEs began to default to a great extent as ahead of schedule as 2015. However, the most recent wave, which started in September – after China's economy bobbed back from the Covid-19 – was the primary group to test commercial center standards. Not many that missed reimbursements are the greatest SOEs in their areas.

A default all alone is undesirable, not unsuitable – this is a danger bond financial specialists are set up to take. In any case, presently there is a developing doubt that SOEs will move great resources out before banks drag them to court. In under one month, three irrelevant organizations – an auto goliath in the upper east Liaoning region, a coal digger in the prosperous focal Henan territory, and a chip producing force to be reckoned with – moved their auxiliaries' stock possessions out prior to defaulting. That makes an example.

For quite a long time, Beijing has been attempting to break the thought of verifiable assurances – that is, the conviction that the public authority will step in to rescue any SOE. This is all things considered: Loss-production ones by one way or another get AAA appraisals, and there's insufficient credit spread in China's $4 trillion corporate security market to separate among quality and more dangerous resources.

President Xi has consistently been a reformer, quick to overhaul China's economy and free the arrangement of abundance obligation. For as long as a couple of years, Trump's exchange war and Covid-19 crashed him. Since the two barriers are gone, he can refocus.

However, China needs to refresh its methodology. Adhering to a 2008 financial playbook feels outdated, especially contrasted and the "run-it-hot" procedures in the U.S. To build up a useful commercial center, China needs to destroy the two-track framework the state and the private area run on. It additionally needs to give effective tycoon money managers a discussion to make strategy suggestions.

Will Baba Vanga predict more devastation in 2021?

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The prophet Bulgarian fakir Baba Vanga or "Balkan Nostredamus" prophecy is once again under discussion, He has made many terrible predictions during his life. 85 percent of them have been proved true, Baba disbanded the Soviet Union, Death of Princess Diana.( 1997), 9/11 attack.( 2001), Chernobyl disaster, Tsunami of Japan.( 2004), The rise of Brexit, And made historical predictions such as the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York, USA.

baba vanga predictions 2021 - newstrends

Born in Vangalia Pandeyva Gushtarova in 1911, Baba Vanga was blind since childhood. She is said to have developed powers of Claravoys and people sought him to contact dead relatives and loved ones. Venga is also saying goodbye to the world in 1996 at the age of 85. It is said that his prediction will refer to the world for 5079 years,.

"Over the years, she became established as a Bulgarian national icon, and even though she did not accept any religion, a kind of spiritualist church was built in her honor after she died."

According to authors Jonathan Boosfield and Dan Richardson, legend has it that Wanga was visited by a messenger at the age of six.

The angel gave him a choice of vision or ladder and is said to have chosen the latter.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Baba Vanga predicted Barack Obama's presidency in 2008, Britain's withdrawal from the European Union and even the end of the world. 

His reputation earned him the nickname Balkan Nostradamus.

What the Balkan Nostradamus predicted for 2021? 

baba vanga predictions 2021 - newstrends

Many bizarre predictions of Baba Vanga remain to be passed and people are asking if 2021 will be the year.

In his more worrying predictions, the Bulgarian fakir is said to have predicted the end of the world.

Fortunately, if Vanga is to be believed, the end days will not reach the other 3,000 years.

However, Baba Vanga did not elaborate on what would happen at the last minute in 5079 or how Armageddon would emerge.

He said: "In the early 21st century, humanity will get rid of cancer".

"The day will come when cancer will be tied to iron chains."

 One of his predictions is a bit pleasant, according to which people will get rid of serious illness like cancer in the early 21st century.

Another prediction that has not yet been passed is that the Bulgarian fakir has been warned of an assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He is also predicted by former US President Donald Trump. According to which he will be the victim of a terrible disease and during this time he will also become deaf. Can also be victims of brain trauma.

According to the prophecy, life will be discovered in the universe and at the same time it will know precisely how life was found on earth. Not only this, in the next 200 years, people sitting on earth will be able to contact aliens from another planet.

Baba Vanga also spoke of a "strong dragon" that would hold humanity in the future, although it is unclear what he meant by it.

But there is no real evidence that any of these predictions are genuine or that despite being passed, Baba Wanga's predictions had an 85 percent accuracy rate

A 2012 investigation found that many of the mystic's predictions were actually made by Russian social media trolls and not by Vanga himself

Unlike the 1555 book Les Prophet of Nostradamus, there is also no reliable written record of Vanga's supposed prophecies.

"According to Wanga's predictions, these are all visions of the world's future apocalypse - particularly Europe - and even Mars, where a war would erupt in 3005 and change the trajectory of the planet

Excess meat intake may cause childhood asthma

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Dietary habits already established in life can be linked to the possible development of asthma in the future as new research has found that substances present in ripe meats are associated with increased wheezing in children.

Their study, published in the journal Thorax, highlights pro-inflammatory compounds, called advanced glycation and-products (AME), an example of early dietary risk factors that can have extensive clinical and public health effects for the prevention of inflammatory air disease.
childhood asthma cause  - newstrends

"Identifying dietary factors that affect respiratory symptoms in children are important," said senior study author Sonali Bose, assistant professor at the Icaw School of Medicine in New City.

"Our findings will expect future longitudinal studies to further examine whether these specific dietary components play a role in childhood airway disease such as asthma."

Research has found that substances present in ripe meats are associated with increased wheezing in children

The researchers examined 4,388 children between the years 2 and 17 of the 2003-2006 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), a program of the National Center for Health Statistics, which is part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It is designed to evaluate the health and nutritional status of adults and children in the United States through interviews and physical examinations.

The researchers used NHANES survey data to evaluate dietary advanced glycation end-products and associations between meat consumption frequencies and respiratory symptoms.

They found that the intake of high advanced glyation end-products was significantly associated with increased odds of wheezing, which significantly disrupted sleep and exercise, including wheezing, and required a prescription drug.

Similarly, excess intake of non-seafood meats was associated with whey-disrupted sleep and wheezing that required a prescription drug.

"We found that diets were associated with increased consumption of advanced glycation and-products, derived from the large-scale intake of non-seafood meats, an increased risk of wheezing in children, regardless of overall dietary quality or established diagnosis of asthma," said Jing Genie Wang, lead author of the study and former fellow of the Icaan School of Medicine in Mount Sinai.


WhatsApp new feature launch calling facility for desktop users

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 The audio, video calling facility available to those using the WhatsApp web version can be a great relief. This instant messaging app is now rolling out the audio and video calling feature, allowing users to make or receive audio and video calls on the desktop screen.

According to WABetaInfo (a website tracking WhatsApp) "Audio and video calls are now running out of the WhatsApp desktop app, but this is a very limited launch for now, with beta labels getting buttons too. "

whatsapp web calling feature - news trends

This feature has started appearing for some WhatsApp beta users. Audio and video calling options affect the search button - both beta tags at the top of the chat window.

The tipster said that "for a few days, some users have been seeing the call button in the chat header on the WhatsApp desktop!"

Use easily Web Whatsapp in your laptop or PC -

However, WhatsApp desktop users will still need the phone to connect to the desktop app. But audio or video calls will be routed through any computer.

Audio video calling feature in desktop through pop up window

How does the WABetaInfo feature work? Giving information about this, it is said that when you get a call from WhatsApp web, a pop-up window will appear, where you can accept or reject the incoming call.

He has stated that "When you call someone, WhatsApp will show another type of window, it is small and includes call status," This feature also supports video calls and group voice.

WhatsApp has doubled the number of participants in a video or voice call, changing its feature group calling. Now four to eight people can connect in a group calling at a time. To use this new feature of WhatsApp calls, all users need to update to the latest version of WhatsApp available on iPhone or Android.

US Central Bank pledges to buy bonds until economic progress

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The Federal Reserve vowed to keep cash in the financial markets on Wednesday until the US economic recovery is safe, The promise of long-term help that fell short of the hope of an immediate move to shore up an epidemic-related slide recently. After a policy meeting, Which reviewed short-term risks to the economy and the new promise of the coronovirus vaccine, Fed Chair Jerome Powell acknowledged that the US central bank's equipment suite is not suited to the most pressing needs today, home and business. Powell said at a news conference after a two-day meeting, "The parts of the economy are weak, They are service sector businesses, Which includes close contact."

US fedral reserve bank - newstrends

 "They are not returning from financial conditions, Rather than the spread of the virus "which is now intensifying across the country, They said. Unemployed families or struggling businesses need immediate cash, Pavel said, Some top legalists in Congress were working to negotiate towards a new $ 900 billion epidemic relief bill.

For the Fed, The more relevant horizon is the middle of next year, When Powell said the central bank hoped the country could approach widespread immunity from coronovirus, And may see an increase in economic activity. Powell told reporters, "This issue next four, Five, It is six months old. "You have to think sometime in the middle of next year. You will feel comfortable feeling entangled in a wide range of activities."

His comments seemed to suggest that what some market analysts had given - that the Fed would at some point either increase the pace of government bonds or is currently buying at a rate of $ 120 billion a month. But a vaccine in the United States K's rollout has hoped that the economy could pull out of the recession that began in March and spoke of a second Great Depression.

In quarterly estimates issued with policy statements, Fed officials extended their outlook for the economy's performance this year and in 2021. They now see just 2.4 percent hit on GDP in 2020 - compared to estimates of 6.5 in June. St. Gush. Instead of an estimated 4 percent in September GDP growth is projected to be 4.2 percent on the median next year. Policy controllers also reduced the unemployment rate for 2021 from 5.5 percent to 5 percent at the end of their projected year.

With interest rates anchored at zero probability for years to come, The Fed added a more explicit promise to continue the current bond-buying program until "substantial further progress" in restoring full employment and meeting its 2 percent inflation target. Powell said, "Our current policy stance is appropriate for the economy, "Pavel said the economic situation if the Federal would consider changing its bond purchases changed.

The vote on the policy statement was unanimous, and for the first time the Fed's U.S. The Treasury connects monthly purchases of bonds and government-backed securities to a set of economic conditions. It was already pledging to make those purchases "in the coming months", when recession-fighting programs could close. 

"We expected the maturity of asset purchases to expand. They did not do so,"said Kathy Bosjasic, chief US financial economist at Oxford Economics."But this guidance, further guidance on QE (quantitative easing) is very powerful... Which gives some clarity, which is good. "US shares traded extensively on Wednesday, closing at record levels of Nasdaq composites. Treasury yields declined slightly, while the dollar remained above major trading partner currencies.

Excitation talks

The conclusion of the Fed's last policy meeting of 2020 caused a year-long catastrophe, In which he reduced the interest rates, Promoted purchase of bonds, And took other extraordinary measures to prevent the economic genocide of the coronovirus epidemic. Fed officials, although, In recent months, the federal government has been urged to take steps for economic recovery with more relief, Once COVID-19 infection has increased and more.

Lock and ban on businesses across the country

US retail sales declined more than expected in November, Commerce Department reported on Wednesday, By adding increasing signs of recession to economic recovery. According to a Reuters tally, More than 304000 people have died in the United States of COVID-19 since the onset of the epidemic.

Lawmakers in Congress are "shutting down" on a $ 900 billion COVID-19 aid bill that would include $ 600 to $ 700 incentive checks and extended unemployment benefits. Preventing more aid from Washington, Millions of unemployed Americans were slated to lose unemployment benefits after Christmas.

Powell told reporters that despite some progress in economic recovery and unemployment rates, The pace of reform is slow and there is a share of people who are either working or looking for work to remain below pre-pandemic levels. "However - there has been a lot of progress in the labor market since spring, We will not lose the millions of Americans who live out of work, " They said.

WHO issued a warning about the "high risk" of Covid resurgence in Europe in early 2021

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The World Health Organization in Europe on Wednesday warned of a "further resurgence" of Covid-19 in early 2021, as it urged families to wear face masks during this year's Christmas celebrations.

world health organization - newstrends

The organization said in a statement, "There is a high risk of revival in the first weeks and months of 2021, And if we have to succeed in stopping it, So we will need to work together, "Said in a statement, While it may look strange, wear masks around family members, "Doing so contributes significantly to ensuring that everyone remains safe and sound."

The WHO team is scheduled to travel to China in January to investigate coronavirus origins

The World Health Organization said on Wednesday that a team of international experts will travel to China next month to help investigate the origin of covid-19 animals.

"I can confirm it will be in January," WHO spokesman Hedin Halderson told AFP when asked about the report that the expert team, which includes epidemiology and animal health experts, will finally visit China next month.

Follow Expert Recommended Diet Tips to Maximize the Results of Your Workout

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Eating right is important to get the best results from your exercise routine. Exercise is something that helps your brain grow faster. It helps to keep your heart healthy, bones strong and dense also eases hormonal balance. When combined with a healthy diet, it makes you stronger overall, can help you stay fit and healthy. Diet tips that can help you get the best results from your exercise routine.

Healthy diet tips for best workout results - newstrends
Your exercise routine should address the four pillars of fitness: strength, stamina, stability, and flexibility. Whenever you are exercising, you need to work towards achieving these four, to progress consistently and efficiently, and to achieve optimal health and fitness.

Yoga, cycling, running, strength training, and weight training can all help in achieving these goals. You need to adapt to your routine and try to do it consistently.

Healthy diet tips for best workout results

A healthy diet goes hand in hand with your exercise routine to be fitter and healthier. However, there are some foods that can help improve your exercise performance. Including these in your daily diet can help you maximize the benefits of exercise.  These are:

1. Coconut: It is local food, which is medium-chain triglycerides. (MCT) is full of MCTs help improve physical endurance and mental strength. Both of these need to perform well in daily life along with exercise. Make sure that coconut is included in your daily diet. You can use it as Nariyal Pani or Coconut Water. Can be taken (as a mid-morning drink). It can help control blood pressure and is full of electrolytes, which can keep your body well hydrated. You can also dry coconut with jaggery, decorate your poha, chutney, etc.

2. Rice: Rice consists of a series of three essential amino acids called branch chain amino acids. (BCAA). These amino acids help in preserving the muscles in the body. Traditional combinations like lentil rice, biryani, khichdi: take curd rice or rice whatever you like. You can also add rice to your dinner. Not only will it allow you to get a good night's sleep, but will also help you wake up to feel more energetic. Take white rice with a polished hand made variety.

3. Tuber vegetables: You should give these vegetables at least several times a week. Sweet potato, suran, Arabic are all tuber vegetables that are in season right now. They are rich in prebiotics, which feeds on good bacteria in the intestine and helps improve intestinal health. A healthy intestine can facilitate good digestion. You have them as vegetables. (With coconut if possible) or else take it as an evening breakfast.

Post and pre-workout meals

You can make fresh local fruits or bananas before your workout. Do it 10 to 15 minutes before your workout
The first 45 minutes of your workout are known as the "window of opportunity". You need to provide optimum nutrients to your body by eating properly.

You need to follow the Routine after the workout:

  • Drinking a sufficient amount of water causes rehydrate
  • Replenish your glycogen store by eating a banana or boiled potato (as both are rich in potassium)
  • Muscle damage and repair of tissue. Take whey protein, which gives you 20-27 grams of protein per serving, 0-3 grams of carbs, and 0-3 grams of fat.
  • You recover by increasing your intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
Make sure you complete all four R's after the workout.

Do not follow calorie-restrictive diets or food groups in the name of weight loss or any other fitness goal. "this is not going to help you and will only come with the results you want to achieve with exercise".

Top 5 most fuel efficient SUV launched in India 2020-21

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The year 2020 was a difficult one for all of us, For the fact that the world is still struggling with epidemic conditions. although, Gradually things are starting to improve, As far as the automotive industry is concerned. Having a positive outlook, The automotive industry slowly gained momentum in the second half of this year as many new products were launched during these unprecedented times. We have seen many big launches this year such as MG Gloster, Kia Sonet, Nissan Magnite, Mahindra Thar, Hyundai i20 and more. We can definitely say that the year was related to SUVs. On that note,

We list the top 5 fuel efficient SUVs introduced in the Indian market this year.


Kia Sonet


The Nissan Magnite is the most affordable subcompact SUV in India

The Kia Sonet was one of the much awaited cars of this year. The SUV was launched in India in September this year with a starting price of ₹ 6.71 lakh. Kia Sonnet's 1.2-liter variant ARAI claims 18.4 kmpl. 1.0 liter turbo petrol DCT Returns 18.3 kmpl on the variant, While IMT provides fuel economy of 18.4% petrol. Diesel engines are automatically more efficient with a return of 19 kmph while the manual provides 24.1 kmpl.

Nissan Magnite


The Nissan Magnite is the most affordable subcompact SUV in India

Nissan's Magnite SUV is the first subcompact SUV in India, Which was recently launched in the country. SUV price lakh 4.99 lakh for base variant.( Introductory) is, Which is -9.59 lakhs for range-topping CVT automatic variants. It comes with two engine options - a 1.0-liter NA engine and a 1.0-liter turbo petrol unit, In which the power figures of 71 bhp and 96 nm are developed in the east, The turbo-petrol unit develops 99 bhp and 160 nm of torque. The CVT automatic unit gives slightly less torque at 152 nm. The naturally aspirated petrol manual variant gives a fuel efficiency of 18.75 kmpl. although, The turbo-petrol unit gives a mileage of 20 kmpl and 17.7 kmpl for manual and CVT variants respectively.

Toyota Urban Cruiser

Toyota's Urban Cruiser SUV is a re-badged version of the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

The recently launched Toyota Urban Cruiser subcompact SUV is essentially a re-badged version of the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza. It is the second model to come from the Suzuki Toyota partnership after Toyota Glanza. SUV is priced at V 8.40 lakh in India, and this. Goes up to 11.30 lakhs. This 1.5-liter, The four-cylinder K-Series BS6 is powered by a petrol engine that is also seen on the Vitara Brezza. The engine is offered at the same stage of tune, Which gets 103 bhp and peak torque of 138 nm. The SUV offers fuel efficiency of 17.03 kmpl and 18.76 kmpl for manual and automatic variants.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza Facelift

The 2020 Maruti Vitara Brezza facelift is a petrol-SUV

The updated version of Vitara Brezza was introduced earlier this year, Which now comes with style and feature upgrades. Introduced as a petrol-only model, SUV prices start at -7.34 lakhs. The SUV's BS 6-compliant iteration gets a 1.5-liter K-series motor with light-hybrid SHVS technology. The new engine makes a maximum power of 134 Nm with 134 Nm peak torque. Motor 5-speed manual transmission and 4-speed torque converter automatic Has been added to. The SUV offered in both manual and automatic variants gives a mileage of 17.03 kmpl and 18.76 kmpl respectively.

MG Hector Plus

The MG Hector Plus is priced in India from ₹ 18.35 lakh
MG Motor India launched a third-row version of the 5-seater Hector SUV in India this July. SUV has four variants - style, Super, Smart and Sharp have been introduced. The SUV comes with three powertrain options as a regular Hector - 1.5-liter petrol, 1.5-liter petrol hybrid, And 2.0-liter diesel engines. Petrol and petrol-hybrid versions make 141 bhp and 250 nm of torque. other hand, The diesel version makes 168 bhp and 350 nm peak torque and standardizes 6-speed manual gearboxes. The 2.0-liter variant of Hector Plus is claimed to give a mileage of 16.56 kmpl. Petrol manual and automatic variants 14 kmpl and 11.6 kmpl return respectively We do.

How to reduce obesity in winter? What to eat from breakfast to dinner diet plan?

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 The weight of most people in winter increases quite fast. According to research, it is natural to increase weight due to changes in catering and lack of sunlight this season. With obesity, abdominal fat also grows very fast. Reducing fat in cold weather is a difficult task in itself.

reduce obesity in winter - newstrends

 But belly fat can be reduced very easily by using lifestyle changes and healthy foods. In fact, your diet for weight loss should include not just spinach and salads but also fibre, proteins, healthy fats and other essential nutrients. Let us know how to lose weight in winter, your diet plan.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

eat fruits and vegetables - newstrends

In winter, seasonal fruits and vegetables should be consumed in large quantities to keep weight and belly fat under control. They contain small quantities of calories but a large amount of fibre. At the same time, vitamins, minerals and other essential antioxidants are also found to keep the immune system strong. Which improves digestion and does not increase weight.

Take a protein-rich diet

rich protien diet - newstrends

It is necessary to consume less calories to prevent weight gain. In cold weather your diet should include walnuts, seeds, beans, cereals, pulses, eggs, lean meats and fish. Using them increases metabolism and does not seem to be hungry for a long time. Protein-rich diet also prevents you from eating sweet and junk food. It compensates for proteins in the body and helps in weight loss.

Stay away from junk food

stay away from junk food

Usually, consuming a large amount of sugar, sodium and saturated fats can cause inflammation in the abdomen. In addition, there may be many health problems such as heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes.

Processed and canned food should be avoided to prevent weight gain. This will not increase your belly fat in winter.

Diet plan for weight loss in winter

1. 7 am: Drink a glass of lukewarm lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning. You can also add honey and fresh ginger juice to it. This improves metabolism and leads to weight loss.

2. Breakfast at 8 am: Fiber-rich foods like oats and millet should be eaten in breakfast. Also, eating fresh fruits with a spoonful of flaxseed powder, a glass of milk and a bowl of yogurt is beneficial.

3. Snack at 10 am: Eat a handful of almonds and walnuts in the snack.

4. Lunch at 1 pm: One bowl of brown rice, light fried vegetables, one bowl salad, one roti and pulse should be consumed.

5. Snack at 3 pm: a quarter cup of raspberries or cucumber salad or a glass of buttermilk and a banana.

6. Tea time at 5 pm: 1 cup of green tea with two pieces of multigrain biscuits.

7. Dinner at 8 pm: 2 rotis, a bowl of lentils, mix vegetables and paneer.

Along with a healthy diet, physical activities are also necessary to reduce belly fat. Therefore exercise should be done regularly.

iPhone 12 series Models are Facing Having Display Issues

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Users of the iPhone 12 series are facing performance issues that have not yet been fixed according to Apple's Community page. Users have reported a green tint and playful issues and are prevalent in all four iPhone 12 models. Apple has reportedly acknowledged the issue, though not publicly, and it seems that a software update could fix it. Apple also informed technicians not to serve the iPhone 12 model with these issues.

apple iphone 12 series display issue - newstrends

Users have taken to Reddit, Apple's Community pages, and other platforms to share the problem they're faced with the new iPhone 12 model. They noticed a green color on display and, according to a post on the community page, green tints and shimmer are getting at 90 to 100 percent brightness in dark surroundings. It was also noted that these issues are happening with iOS 14.1, iOS 14.2, and even the first two iOS 14.3 betas.

Apple believes display issues can be resolved with a software update

A report by MacRumors claims to have gained access to a document provided to Apple authorized service providers that asks them not to serve the iPhone 12 model that appears to be with these performance issues. According to the report, Apple is aware of the issue and has asked technicians to inform customers to keep their iPhone models updated. This suggests that Apple believes that these display issues can be resolved with a software update.

It should also be noted that not all users of the iPhone 12 series are experiencing these issues. Additionally, the iPhone 12 Pro Max was recently put through displayMate's testing and was given the 'Best Smartphone Display Award' as it matched or set 11 smartphone performance records. Testing showed that the iPhone 12 Pro Max had the smallest brightness variation with color accuracy, lowest screen reflection, and viewing angle, among other features. 

Read more :- Apple iPhone 12 series phones features, specifications, price and availability

6 Variations Of Push-Ups That Can Help You Make Stronger

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 Push-ups: This is an exercise that you can do with one of these exercises, to make it more challenging and rewarding. For example, clap push-ups are a challenging variation of this exercise. Here's how you can do it.

how to do push ups  - newstrends

Do you want a strong back? do push ups. Want to tone up your abs? do push ups. Want to make your whole body strong and strong? Do regular push-ups! Push-ups are one of the most effective and challenging exercises you can do to keep yourself fit. Regular exercise of body weight exercises in this excercise can help strengthen your lower back and core muscles. This exercise melts stubborn belly fat and helps you create the kind of abs you've always wanted!

There is so much in this exercise that you can do with this one exercise and make it more profitable by challenging it. We will tell you about some variations of push-ups that can help you build or progress clap push-ups as well as make your body stronger.

Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines recently wrote in her Instagram post that "Push-ups are one of the exercises that are often included in workouts, but I know they can be really challenging for beginners and those, Who are just starting to build their strength, ”.

Itsines has stated that it is important for everyone to move at their own pace with exercises like push-ups. As the exercise progresses, you should be confident about performing the exercise adequately with the right method and technique. Doing this helps you in building strength along with reducing the risk of injury.

To help you do the more challenging version of push-ups 'clap push-ups', we have brought a list of push-up variations for you to try progressively.

Here are some push-up variations to help you move towards clap push-ups -

1. Wall Push-Ups: This push-up should be done while standing. You need to perform this with your hands on the wall.
how to do wall push ups ? - newstrends
2. Inline Push-Ups (Knees): This push-up needs to be done on your knees, hands on the chair.

how to do inline push ups ? - newstrends

3. Push-up (knee): This is the standard push-up that needs to be done on your knees.

how to do knee push ups - newstrends

4. Bending Push-Ups (Toes): To do this push-up you need to be on your toes, with your hands on the chair above you.

how to bending push ups ? - newstrends

5. Push-Ups: This is the standard push-up that should be done on your toes, with hands on the ground.

how to do push ups ? - newstrends

6. Clap Push-Ups: Once you have mastered the push-ups, try clap push-ups by pushing your body in the air.

how to do clap push ups ? -

So let's start this exercise right now and make ourselves fit and stronger.

Google will remove your all data under the new two-year inactive accounts policy

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Tech giant Google has introduced new policies for consumer accounts. Google has disabled Gmail or Drive or exceeded its storage limit, including Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms and Jamboard files and / or photos. To better align is incorporating these new policies effective from June 1 next year.
google 2 year inactive account policy

If your account or one or more of these services has been inactive for two years (24 months), after June 1, 2021, Google may remove the content of the product in which you are inactive.

Likewise, if you exceed your storage limit for two years, Google can delete your content on Gmail, Drive and Photos.

Google Remove the Data More than 2 Year Inactive accounts

Google wrote in a blog that "we will notify you several times before attempting to remove any content so that you have ample opportunities to take action. The simplest way to keep your account active is to periodically visit the web or Go to Gmail, Drive or Photos on mobile and is connected to the Internet while signing in ".

Inactive Account Manager can help you manage specific content and notify a trusted contact if you stop using your Google Account within a certain period of time (between 3-18 months).
"If you require more than 15 GB of storage for your content, you can upgrade to a larger storage plan with Google One. And choose from plans starting with 100 GB of storage and with additional member features Also included are shared family plans, access to Google experts, and more ”.

Meanwhile, Google has said that Google Photos will not be free from June 1, 2021. The company says it has 4 trillion photos stored in Google Photos, and 28 billion new photos and videos are uploaded every week. As many users around the world rely on photographs to save their memories, the tech giant has announced to change the unlimited high-quality storage policy. The company has announced that from June 1, 2021, any new photos and videos uploaded to Google Photos will count towards 15GB of storage bundled with each account.

Google has stated that the new two-year inactive policy will apply regardless of your inactive account manager settings.

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