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How to reduce obesity in winter? What to eat from breakfast to dinner diet plan?


 The weight of most people in winter increases quite fast. According to research, it is natural to increase weight due to changes in catering and lack of sunlight this season. With obesity, abdominal fat also grows very fast. Reducing fat in cold weather is a difficult task in itself.

reduce obesity in winter - newstrends

 But belly fat can be reduced very easily by using lifestyle changes and healthy foods. In fact, your diet for weight loss should include not just spinach and salads but also fibre, proteins, healthy fats and other essential nutrients. Let us know how to lose weight in winter, your diet plan.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

eat fruits and vegetables - newstrends

In winter, seasonal fruits and vegetables should be consumed in large quantities to keep weight and belly fat under control. They contain small quantities of calories but a large amount of fibre. At the same time, vitamins, minerals and other essential antioxidants are also found to keep the immune system strong. Which improves digestion and does not increase weight.

Take a protein-rich diet

rich protien diet - newstrends

It is necessary to consume less calories to prevent weight gain. In cold weather your diet should include walnuts, seeds, beans, cereals, pulses, eggs, lean meats and fish. Using them increases metabolism and does not seem to be hungry for a long time. Protein-rich diet also prevents you from eating sweet and junk food. It compensates for proteins in the body and helps in weight loss.

Stay away from junk food

stay away from junk food

Usually, consuming a large amount of sugar, sodium and saturated fats can cause inflammation in the abdomen. In addition, there may be many health problems such as heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes.

Processed and canned food should be avoided to prevent weight gain. This will not increase your belly fat in winter.

Diet plan for weight loss in winter

1. 7 am: Drink a glass of lukewarm lemonade on an empty stomach in the morning. You can also add honey and fresh ginger juice to it. This improves metabolism and leads to weight loss.

2. Breakfast at 8 am: Fiber-rich foods like oats and millet should be eaten in breakfast. Also, eating fresh fruits with a spoonful of flaxseed powder, a glass of milk and a bowl of yogurt is beneficial.

3. Snack at 10 am: Eat a handful of almonds and walnuts in the snack.

4. Lunch at 1 pm: One bowl of brown rice, light fried vegetables, one bowl salad, one roti and pulse should be consumed.

5. Snack at 3 pm: a quarter cup of raspberries or cucumber salad or a glass of buttermilk and a banana.

6. Tea time at 5 pm: 1 cup of green tea with two pieces of multigrain biscuits.

7. Dinner at 8 pm: 2 rotis, a bowl of lentils, mix vegetables and paneer.

Along with a healthy diet, physical activities are also necessary to reduce belly fat. Therefore exercise should be done regularly.



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