6 Variations Of Push-Ups That Can Help You Make Stronger


 Push-ups: This is an exercise that you can do with one of these exercises, to make it more challenging and rewarding. For example, clap push-ups are a challenging variation of this exercise. Here’s how you can do it.

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Do you want a strong back? do push ups. Want to tone up your abs? do push ups. Want to make your whole body strong and strong? Do regular push-ups! Push-ups are one of the most effective and challenging exercises you can do to keep yourself fit. Regular exercise of body weight exercises in this excercise can help strengthen your lower back and core muscles. This exercise melts stubborn belly fat and helps you create the kind of abs you’ve always wanted!

There is so much in this exercise that you can do with this one exercise and make it more profitable by challenging it. We will tell you about some variations of push-ups that can help you build or progress clap push-ups as well as make your body stronger.

Sweat trainer Kayla Itsines recently wrote in her Instagram post that “Push-ups are one of the exercises that are often included in workouts, but I know they can be really challenging for beginners and those, Who are just starting to build their strength, ”.

Itsines has stated that it is important for everyone to move at their own pace with exercises like push-ups. As the exercise progresses, you should be confident about performing the exercise adequately with the right method and technique. Doing this helps you in building strength along with reducing the risk of injury.

To help you do the more challenging version of push-ups ‘clap push-ups‘, we have brought a list of push-up variations for you to try progressively.

Here are some push-up variations to help you move towards clap push-ups –

1. Wall Push-Ups: This push-up should be done while standing. You need to perform this with your hands on the wall.
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2. Inline Push-Ups (Knees): This push-up needs to be done on your knees, hands on the chair.
how to do inline push ups ? - newstrends

3. Push-up (knee): This is the standard push-up that needs to be done on your knees.

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4. Bending Push-Ups (Toes): To do this push-up you need to be on your toes, with your hands on the chair above you.

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5. Push-Ups: This is the standard push-up that should be done on your toes, with hands on the ground.

how to do push ups ? - newstrends

6. Clap Push-Ups: Once you have mastered the push-ups, try clap push-ups by pushing your body in the air.

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So let’s start this exercise right now and make ourselves fit and stronger.


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