Google Launches Verified Call Features For Android Phones

Nowadays Google has launched Verified Calls for its customers. This is for Android devices and their users. Under this feature,
Android users will be able to get the information that the business call is genuine is a fraud. This feature can also protect against many types of fraud or spam calls.
Google Verified Calls
In fact, these days many companies and people provideservice through a call by diverting calls related to various services. There are
Also customer cares, In such a situation, frauds or cybercriminals from the other side fraudulently speak the call of Kanani.
Verified Calls will help users to know whether the call is from the right company or someone is doing fraud. Google is launching this
feature in India including the US, Brazil, Spain, and Mexico. This feature will keep you away from the fraud agencies that are sitting in a chance to grab all your details through your phone number.

Google verified calls to protect you from fraud

There are many types of fraud companies in India, from SIM swapping, credit cards, any return request from any e-commerce company or they are using the name of big companies to grab bank details, e-SIM fraud, which is called based. Under this, the frauds tell
themselves the customer care of the telecom company takes information from the people and blows up their hard-earned money in a moment.
Google Verified is not just a simple app, but rather an Android feature that will be built into almost all Android smartphones. In a
few days, Google will push this feature through Android updates and then you will be able to use it.
google andriod call verification feature - Newstrends
For Verified Calls, Google will partner with companies so that users can get information about companies at the time of the call. You can
also understand this by taking the example of a true collar. For example, when you receive a call from a true caller, it appears that the caller is calling from which company. Google’s verified call feature is also slightly different for fake calls.
The true caller only shows the name of the business from where the call is coming. But in Google verified calling, you will also get
information about why the call is being made. The company has been testing for this for some time. The company believes that both businesses and users will benefit from this feature.


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