Apple with $ 2.3 trillion worth more than UK’s top FTSE 100

 Apple has surpassed the entire value of all companies in the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index, with a market cap of $ 2.3 trillion. The FTSE 100 is the UK’s top share index.
Apple market value - Newstrends
The BBC report states that Apple’s market value today is around $ 2.3 trillion (1.7 trillion pounds). But all companies have a combined value of 1.5 trillion pounds in the FTSE 100.
“Apple shares fell back on Wednesday, but currently surpassed the London index in trading.”
The company has reportedly made changes to its policy to increase the company’s investment. Which has made it easier for people to invest in the company? This decision of the company has increased the demand for Apple shares.

Apple hit the $ 2 trillion mark

A four-one stock split was approved by Apple’s board of directors effective August 31. Tech giant Apple became the first US company to hit the $ 2 trillion mark, making history last month, despite the coronavirus epidemic.

Apple has managed to touch the $ 2-trillion mark by crossing the $ 467.77 per share stock limit.


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