Refreshment Drinks and Soup In Summer

Everyone wants a healthy wealthy life. If you focus on proper diet and physical exercise your body will get addicted to a healthy routine.  Automatically energy starts generating itself. Summer is a crucial time to test our energy levels because a lot of heat decreases our energy levels and stamina. We skip essential healthy food from our routine because of summer. We prefer that time cold items like cold drinks, ice cream, cold coffee, and many unhealthier items.
Cold drink contains sugar that is harmful to our body but we prefer this because for that time it plays the role of a refreshment drink at that time. Mostly we prefer ice cream which is having ice and a lot of creams that are also not considered as good and healthy for us. Cold coffee also contains ice which can cause throat issues. Sometimes our half of the day is in contact with sun rays. Let’s discuss some healthy and refreshment drinks and soup which are best in summer not only for us but also for serving to guests.
Make your healthy drinks at home while putting little effort at home. This drink not only gives you refreshment but acts as healthy which acts like a medicine and protection towards heat rays of summer. No need to go anywhere look around at you and prepare your healthy menu at home.

Aam Panna

Aam Panna-News Trends
It is an Indian drink that is known for its heat-resistant properties. This drink is far better than cold drinks and cold coffee. This drink is prepared by raw mangoes. You do not need to put more effort into just boil some raw mangoes for 15 to 20 minutes. After boiling separate the mangoes from its outer layer and mesh it properly.
By mashing that mango pulp put it in a mixer and add some black salt and sugar according to your taste. Add some water and grind it properly. You can also add some cumin to make it healthier. At last, put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes and then serve. This is a perfect refreshment drink with a tangy taste which is loved by every person. This Aam Panna will protect your body from heat rays and keep your inner body cool.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice-News Trends
Lemon is a perfect soft drink to serve in summer. It is not tasty but it is healthier too. A simple drink with many benefits.  Put the lemon juice into a glass and add some water mix it well. You can make it salty and sweet according to your taste by putting salt and sugar in it. After mixing it well you can add less amount of asafetida in it. After preparing and mixing all the things you can décor this drink with mint leaves. This will make it more attractive and because of mint leaves, it smells better.

 Nuts Shake

Nuts Shake-News Trends
If you are a milk lover and prefer shakes rather the juices in summer then let’s prepare Nuts to shake also. Put some nuts in milk and mix it well if you have a little bit of flavor of some juice you can put it in the milk. This makes it more attractive and delicious. You can add coconut powder also instead of chocolates. This will make it taste better.


Soup- News Trends
Best and most healthy beverage to serve. Especially for ill people and for health-conscious people. You can make soup and make your mealtime healthier. Simply cut some vegetables properly and mix them well. Boil that paste by adding some water by adding tomato pulp. Cook it well and add salt according to your taste. The more vegetable makes your soup better and healthy.


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