How to Earn Money Online to Quora?

Just as everyone’s general person knows about Facebook, similarly everyone knows about Blogger Quora. Website is the best Quora yet to generate traffic and earn money selling affiliate products. But we will not know about earning money or getting traffic from affiliates, today we will talk about the Quora Advertising Program, about monetization program, and how Quora online can be a good way to earn money.
Quora is best popular website in the world has 81 rank. There are more than 12 crore 30 lakhs Organic Traffic and according to this, its traffic value is 5 crore 43 lakh UDS, which is much more than even a blogger thinks.

What is the Quora Partner Program? How to make money with Quora?

Quora Program Partner is a way through which you can earn some money by asking questions or answering those questions. Now you must be thinking about how can anyone earn money by asking questions/answers, so let’s know.
With the help of Quora Program Partner, you can earn some money by giving questions and answers because when you join this Quora Program Partner, when you ask a question many people will answer that question, in the meantime Quora runs its ads. And you will also get some money for the same ads. The money you will get will be transferred to your PayPal account.
Right now this program of Quora is new, so Quora is sending invitations only to those people who regularly spend a lot of time on quora, and help others, ask questions, and answer them.

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Quora invites 2 people to its Program Partner.

Everyone wants to know who Quora invites to their program, I would like to tell you that Quora sends invitations to those people who regularly ask questions on Quora, give a good answer to others’ questions, any questions But upvote or downvote, share, and do not break any kind of privacy policy quora is sending an invitation to all those people.
If seen, the artificial intelligence (AI) of Quora notices all these things, what is your activity, on the daily Quora is inviting you on behalf of it.

How will you get a Quora partner’s Invitation?

Let me tell you how you can get an invitation to Quora. To get an invite to Quora, first, you have to become an Active Quora user. You have to be active on quora every day, you have to answer some questions or ask some questions every day, and you have to ask some questions which are something unique.
Apart from this, the answers of others will also have to be upvoted or shared according to their quality. If you like the answer to a question, then you must upvote it.
Apart from all these things, you will also have to remember that you do not break any policy or rules of Quora, never answer Quora thinking that you want to join the Quora program, rather answer that you want to help people. is.
If you follow all these rules for a few days, then I am confident that Quora will invite you to this program too.

How much money can we make from Quora? Let’s know

We can earn money through ads from Quora, when you join the Quora partner program, you show the Quora ads you have asked, in which we get some money, now it depends on your The question was on which topic, which user said that question, read that user was from which country, etc.
If the cpc of the ads remains high, then you can get $ 1 or even more than this, it depends on which cpc of your ads and the user is watching from which country, cpc is less in most of India so if you have to earn money So do some unique questions, do not ask nonsensical questions because quora must keep an eye on each of your activities.
If you work hard and help people, they give good answers to their questions, and if there are enough views on those answers, then you can earn quite well.

Benefits of Quora:

Blog Branding:

Not only Blog, if there is any business, then you can reach millions of people and give information about your brand, this will increase the popularity of your brand and increase your online reputation.

Unlimited Website Traffic:

More than 200+ million unique visitors come to Quora every month and the biggest joy of this traffic is that it does not belong to the Quora website itself, so write the best answer and get millions of visitors to your website.

Sell ​​Product:

If you have ever opened this website, then you must have seen that many product reviews are shared in Hindi, and English in 19 languages ​​of the world, whose review has given the buy link of the product below. In this way, many Affiliate marketer and companies sell their product.

Services Promotion:

Quora is the best platform for many companies and bloggers who provide services like web development, SEO, designing, and video making for lead generation as it ranks first with a rich answer feature on Google and when customers Search such a company on the internet such as the best CRM development company in India, then they get quora first.


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