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Variations of Squat to Maximize Leg Day Workout

Squat is the perfect exercise for an overall body and by doing variations of squats you can build your muscles.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

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When you usually do fitness training or go to the gym Squats may be the most common exercise in the training booklet. Squats is a perfect exercise that comes under every strength training workout. This exercise does not require equipment’s or you can do this even in a small space. If you are doing squats in the right way that will build your muscles strong but if you are doing incorrectly you may face knee problems.



The squat is the perfect exercise for tone legs. It also helps people to tone quadriceps. It builds joints stronger and increases the strength of tissues as well. If you are doing squats regularly your legs and body become stronger and easily you can climb, bend and walk. Squats are come under high-intensity workout and perfect for the runners also.

Here are the different variations you might add into your daily routine:-

1-Wall Sit:-

This exercise is helpful in lengthens the spine and works on the leg muscles. To do this exercise properly you need to lean against the wall and keep the back aligned. You need to slowly bend the knees. This exercise works the hamstrings, calf muscles, and inner thigh. You need to balance your body and focus on balancing legs by maintaining equal bodyweight. This exercise is suitable for all fitness lover peoples. Perfect for all age groups.

2- Single Leg Squat:-

Single Leg Squat

Balance is the key in this exercise and single-leg squat needs focus. You need to work into abs, glutes, calves, and front hip flexors also. This exercise requires strength and balance. This is a single-leg exercise that isolates the muscles of the thigh. Perfect exercise for dancers, runners, and people who are facing knee problems. While doing this you need to straight your back. You need to way down without putting your hips down. You need to squeeze your butt and on the way, you have to get up.

3-Pistol Squat:-

Pistol Squat

In this exercise, you need to go down without letting the arch of your foot collapse. Pistol Squats helps in maintaining the overall balance of your body. It gives strength to your lower back and legs. Your ankle and joints become stronger by doing this exercise regularly.

4-Plie Squat:-

Plie Squat

Perfect exercise for warming up and toning your inner thigh muscles. The wider your legs, the deeper the squats, perfect for burning fat. You need to put your back straight. Plie Squat makes your thighs stronger and perfect for balancing body weight.

5-Side Kick Squat:-

Side Kick Squat

The perfect exercise to warm up. It burns your calories and makes your legs stronger. You need to bend your knees, lower the hips, take the weight into your heels and come back to the standing position. By putting your legs straight then lift your right leg out and squeeze the outer glute. This exercise is a complete weight management exercise that will keep your posture correct and burn the extra calories from your body.

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