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Use easily Web Whatsapp in your laptop or PC -

How to use Web Whatsapp in your laptop or PC and download the files in your pc to

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

/ by News Trends
Hello, welcome to the world of WhatsApp tips and tricks. Today I am going to tell you How to run WhatsApp on a laptop and computer. You all know that out of the message sending app, WhatsApp is the most popular and you will find this app very easy on everyone's smartphone. This is because people who are not educated, they also use WhatsApp very much.

Use easily Web Whatsapp in your laptop or PC -

For example, you can also see your mobile phone, this app will surely go miles on your phone as well and why not? This is such an application that you do not have to remember the ID nor the password to run, just opened the phone's locale and click on the icon of the application, you have opened WhatsApp. Along with this, neither you get to see adhere nor do you have the option of ad friend in your account, along with this, one-to-one exclusive features have also come in WhatsApp which makes WhatsApp even better.

For your information, let me tell you that to date, more than 5 billion people have downloaded the WhatsApp application and 42 billion messages are sent daily on WhatsApp Messenger. That means 6 times more than the world's population.

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So with this, you can guess yourself how popular WhatsApp is. There used to be a time that we could use WhatsApp only on our smartphone, but now the company worked a little bit and added some more features in it, the result of which is that now we can run WhatsApp laptops as well. Perhaps you would have been happy to hear that this feature is very good for those people who spend most of their time on the laptop.

Aur is really wasting too much time checking the mobile by eliminating the laptop in between, you can immediately see the message on the computer and reply. 

Along with this, some files or documents are often on our laptop, now if we are unable to run the WhatsApp laptop, we had to first transfer it to our mobile to send that file to someone.

Now you just think that it is easier to transfer a file from your laptop to your mobile-first and then transfer it from your mobile to someone else through WhatsApp? Or open WhatsApp directly in the laptop and send it directly to him from whom he wants the file? You will also say that it is easier to send a file by running WhatsApp on the laptop. This will also save time.

So friends, know that How to run WhatsApp on the laptop and how to use it.

 Running the WhatsApp on the laptop is easy as well as a time-saver, meaning you can save your time with it. So let's start now and know what is How to run Whatsapp on PC?

Step 1.

Whatsweb search - NewsTrends

For how to run WhatsApp on the computer, first of all, you go to

You will see something like the screenshot below. So you will leave that page open. There will be a WhatsApp QR Code that you will need later.

Step 2.

Now you will need your mobile phone. So you pick up your phone and open the WhatsApp application.

There you will see 3 dots, then you have to click on that button and then continue.

Step 3.

Webwhatsapp Scan QR Code - NewsTrends

Now you will see a lot of options in front of you, so what to do, click on the option on WhatsApp Web.

Step 4.

Mobile whatsapp scan Web Whatsapp QR Code- NewsTrends

Now the camera will open automatically on your phone, so in the starting, which I told you to keep the QR Code page open, then you bring your camera to that code and scan that code from your phone.

Step 5. connected to your pc - NewsTrends

When you scan the QR code from your smartphone, then your WhatsApp will automatically open in your PC's web browser, then you will be able to talk to anyone.

Note: You must take care of one thing as you can see in the above screenshot that it is written there "keep your phone connected" This means whenever you are using WhatsApp in a web browser, then your phone from the Internet Surely keep it connected only then it will continue to work.

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