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Healthy Hypertension Diet That Controls Your Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the problem of high blood pressure and high BP, in which the blood pressure in the arteries increases. The increase in this pressure requires the heart to work more to maintain blood flow to the blood arteries.
According to the health guidelines, if the blood pressure is more than 130/80 mmHg, the person falls into the category of hypertension or high blood pressure. Although high blood pressure can affect any part of the body at any time, it causes the most damage to the heart. Come, let’s know some of the main causes of hypertension-

Causes of hypertension

* Lack of sleep
* Obesity
* Extreme anger
* Excess intake of non-veg
* Oily substances and unhealthy food intake
  1. In the case of hypertension and high blood pressure, a person may initially have pain in the back of the head and neck.
  2. Hypertension patients have trouble breathing.
  3. If the blood pressure increases, a person may have problems with bleeding with urination with blurred appearance.
  4. High blood pressure can also cause symptoms such as vertigo, fatigue, and lethargy.
  5. Many times there is a problem of increased heartbeat with no sleep at night.

Healthy Hypertension Diet

Monsoon is the season of fried snacks. From hot pakoras to samosas and hot cups of tea, these can be delicious dishes during the rainy season, but this may not be the best way to enjoy the monsoon.

Consuming these snacks regularly can have a bad effect on your digestive system and can cause weight gain. People with pre-existing
diseases should monitor their diet carefully to avoid any major fluctuations in their health status. High blood pressure or hypertension is also a serious health problem requiring constant management of a healthy blood pressure level.
Diet plays an important role in controlling blood pressure levels. Here is a list of some foods that will give you an idea of ​​what to
consume and what to avoid in order to maintain healthy blood pressure during the rainy season.

Eat these things to keep blood pressure normal

People with high blood pressure should include fiber-rich foods in their diet. Potassium-rich foods can also help control blood pressure
numbers. Monsoon is full of fruits and vegetables, which you can choose as part of your diet. Some of the seasonal fruits and vegetables that you should include in your diet are berries, apples, plums, peaches, gourd, bitter gourd, squash, and green leafy vegetables.
1. Pomegranate – Pomegranate helps in lowering LDL cholesterol i.e. bad cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol ie good cholesterol, which keeps blood pressure normal and there is no risk of hypertension.
2. Carrots – The antioxidants, potassium, electrolytes, and vitamin A present in them balance the fluids in the body and help maintain blood pressure normal.
3. Radish – Radish also controls your blood pressure. The potassium present in it controls blood pressure.
4. Spinach – Spinach is beneficial for you if you are a patient with hypertension. The potassium and magnesium present in it prevent the walls of the heart’s arteries from shrinking.
5. Fenugreek – The soluble fiber present in fenugreek is very helpful in reducing cholesterol. Apart from this, the sodium found in it keeps
your blood pressure maintained.
Also, to prevent complications of high blood pressure, choose healthy drinks. You can choose herbal teas like green tea, hibiscus tea, and oolong tea. Drink limited water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Avoid eating these things

Deep-fried snacks with spice tea can be a tasty pleasure for a rainy day, but it may not be a healthy option for someone with high blood
pressure. It is better to choose healthy snacks like dried fruits or fiber-rich snacks.
Also, avoid the intake of too much sodium as it can increase your blood pressure. Regular exercise is also very important to stay fit and
maintain a healthy blood pressure level.



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